Terms of Use
  1. Subscription: Wasted Minutes™ (“we”, “us”, “the Service”) is a flashcard-based language learning service provided by Frontier Tech Team LLC and available via the Wasted Minutes™ website, the Wasted Minutes™ smartphone and tablet apps, and other mechanisms.

    Access to the Service is obtained by you (“you”, “the Subscriber”) through a free or paid subscription plan. Plans offer access to the Service at a variety of prices for different lengths of time and with different usage limits.

    You are responsible for all connection fees and service costs required to access the Service.

    Each Subscriber's use of the Service is governed by these Terms of Use.

  2. Paid Subscriptions: Paid subscriptions are paid for at the beginning of each subscription term, whether monthly, semester (6-months) or annually. Subscription payments are not refundable. You may upgrade your subscription to a longer term or higher level at any time; existing payments will be prorated and applied to the new amount due.

    You may downgrade your service effective the end of the current subscription term. If you downgrade to a new subscription plan with limits below your current usage, you will lose access to some of your flashcards. For example, downgrading to a 100-flashcard plan when you have already studied 400 flashcards will lose access to 300 flashcards.

    You may select either automatic or manual renewal of a paid subscription. For automatic renewal, we will attempt to charge your credit card on file approximately 24 hours before the end of your subscription. If that automatic charge fails or if you have selected manual renewal, you will be prompted for payment the first time you log in after your subscription ends.

    Renewal payments made within 30 days of the expiration of a subscription renew the subscription effective from that expiration date.

    Renewal payments made after 30 days restart the subscription effective from the time of the payment. Such renewals will also be assessed a fee of half the monthly subscription charge prorated for the time between subscription expiration and renewal.

    We will keep your flashcard lists and study progress for 90 days after your paid subscription expires so that you can reactivate your account. After 90 days of non-payment your information will be deleted. To use the Service again you will have to start over from scratch.

    The Service allows parents or guardians to purchase subscriptions on behalf of children in their care. In such cases responsibility for payment falls with the parent account while flashcards and study record are stored with the linked child account.

  3. Free Subscriptions: Free subscriptions automatically renew monthly at the then-available usage limits.

    You must access the service at least once every 90 days. After 90 days on non-use your flashcard lists and study progress will be deleted. To use the Service again you will have to start over from scratch.

  4. Gift Certificates: Gift certificates are sold for a specific paid subscription plan and duration, for example, "One-Year Basic Paid Subscription". If the Service stops offering that specific plan, the gift certificate will be applied to a plan of similar value.

    Gift certificates are not refundable, are transferable and do not expire. Please protect gift certificate redemption tokens and QR codes like cash.

  5. Individual Accounts: You must have your own account to the Service. Account sharing is not allowed as the flashcard algorithm is designed to track one person's learning per account.

    You may not have more than one account for the Service. Duplicate accounts for the same user will be deleted.

    If you are under 18, you must have a parent's or guardian's consent to create an account.

    You must provide a valid email address to create an account. You must verify your email address within 7 days or the account will be restricted.

  6. Email Options: You give us permission to send subscription renewal notifications, password recovery instructions and other account management emails to your current email on file. You can't unsubscribe from these management email notifications.

    We may provide you the opportunity to sign up for other emails like study progress reports and blog articles. You may unsubscribe from these other emails at any time.

  7. Privacy: Your privacy is very important to us. Please see our Privacy Policy, which is included in these Terms of Use by reference.

  8. Copyright: The Service and its contents are copyright by Frontier Tech Team LLC.

    For flashcard lists and dictionaries entries you create, you retain the copyright.

    Language itself is not subject to copyright. Once you have learned a word it is yours to use.

    The Service monitors Subscriber activity for words missing or incorrect in our dictionaries. The Service may anonymously review Subscriber custom dictionary entries and include them as corrections or additions to the public master dictionary.

  9. Trademark: “Wasted Minutes” and the intertwined “W” and “M” Wasted Minutes logo are trademarks of Frontier Tech Team LLC.

    Other trademarks mentioned in the Service remain trademarks of their respective owners.

    Mention on the Service of a company, publisher, book or other resource does not imply their endorsement of the Service.

  10. Software System: You may not attempt to circumvent the limits imposed by the Service.

    You may not use the Service in any way that puts the operational stability of the service at risk.

    You may not attempt to access other user's account or study information.

    You may not attempt to reverse engineer any feature of the service.

  11. Account Suspension: Accounts in violation of these Terms of Use are subject to immediate suspension without refund.

    The Service is not obligated to renew any paid or free subscription at its sole discretion.

  12. Unsolicited Contributions: We are always happy to hear suggestions from our Subscribers on ways to make the Service better. By contacting us with unsolicited suggestions, you are giving us the right to implement your suggestion in whole or in part without compensation or license.

  13. No Warranty: We do not warrant that use of the Service will improve grades, test scores or language comprehension by any specific amount.

    Internet connectivity is outside our control. We do not warrant that the Service will always be available from your location or device.

    While we constantly seek to increase the flashcard facts and lists available to review, we do not warrant that specific content on the Service will continue to be available.

  14. Arbitration: Any claims or disputes under these Terms of Use must be submitted for individual arbitration to an arbitrator and in a legal jurisdiction mutually acceptable to you and to us. Claims may not be combined into any form of class action.

    All claims must be submitted within one year of the claim arising.

  15. Jurisdiction: This agreement is governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Minnesota.

  16. Updates: We reserve the right to update these Terms of Use at any time.

    Updated Terms of Use are effective immediately for all accounts created after they are posted. For existing accounts the updated Terms of Use take effect 30 days after they are posted.

These Terms of Use are effective July 21, 2023.


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