Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is part of the Wasted Minutes™ Terms of Use.

  1. Personal Information We Collect:

    • We collect information you provide us about your account: email address, credit card number, subscription type and renewal preferences.
    • We store the information you provide us: custom dictionary entries and personal flashcard lists.
    • We collect information on what flashcards you are studying, what facts you have reviewed, how often, and whether correctly and incorrectly.

    Credit card note: Our credit card processor handles card information securely on our behalf. At no time is the credit card account number, expiration date and CVC number known to the Service or stored on Wasted Minutes™ servers.

  2. Personal Information We Share: For children's account linked to a family subscription, we share study progress of the child account(s) with the family account owner.

    For accounts linked to an organizational account like a school, we share study progress of each subscriber with designated representatives of the school such as teachers, teaching assistants and professors.

    We do not share personal information outside of Frontier Tech Team LLC for any other purpose.

  3. Anonymous Information We Collect: As you navigate the Wasted Minutes™ service, we collect anonymous information on words searched for in the dictionary, help topics searched and viewed, how long the Service takes to generate each page and other metrics useful in improving the functionality and performance of the Service.

  4. Cookies: The Service uses cookies to authenticate your use of the Service. By disabling cookies you will no longer be able to access the website

    The Service does not use cookies for marketing purposes.

  5. Advertising: The Service does not accept third-party advertising.

  6. Opt-Out: The information collected by the Service is required for the operation of the Service. There is no additional sharing to opt out of.

  7. Updates: We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time.

    An updated Privacy Policy is effective immediately for all accounts created after it is posted. For existing accounts the updated Privacy Policy takes effect 30 days after it is posted.

This Privacy Policy is effective November 4, 2019. Last reviewed January 1, 2023.


The Wasted Minutes™ website uses cookies to manage performance and security. No third-party tracking or marketing cookies are used.

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