Be Prepared

Be Prepared

You already have a great Chinese language instructor, a solid curriculum and plenty of motivation. Why do you still need a tool like Wasted Minutes™ intelligent flashcards?

Preparation. The secret to effective learning is preparation.

When you come to class prepared, you can keep up with note taking because you’re already familiar with the characters. Listening practice is easier when you know what sounds to listen for. Role playing exercises are successful when words immediately associate with meanings.

The secret to effective learning is preparation.

Thorough preparation requires intensive review, exactly the kind of review that Wasted MinutesTM intelligent flashcards provide. Whether on your phone or computer, the next flashcard you need to study is just one click away.

Our system slices and dices each flashcard into multiple-choice questions that relentlessly drill character, Pinyin and meanings backwards and forwards until you can immediately recall every fact on every flashcard. Behind the scenes, a spaced-repetition algorithm creates a custom review schedule based on how quickly and accurately you answer each question.

We probably already have prebuilt vocabulary lists for your textbook, so getting started is easy. Sign up for a free account today and show up to your next class prepared.


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