But Why Isn't It Free?

But Why Isn't It Free?

One question we’re often asked is why the Wasted Minutes™ flashcard website isn’t totally free. After all, isn’t the Internet free?

At Wasted Minutes™ we’re passionate about providing you the best possible tools for Chinese language study. As we’ve developed our site and considered human behavior, we’ve intentionally chosen to charge for full access for a number of reasons.

At Wasted Minutes™ we’re passionate about providing you the best tools for Chinese language study


As humans we tend not to value things that are free. But if you’ve paid for something, you’re more likely to use it “to get your money’s worth.” Paying a little bit each month for Wasted Minutes™ gives you a built-in incentive to take advantage of our next-generation, customized flashcard drills.

Free Accounts

We do provide a free account plan with generous limits so that you can thoroughly try out the website before you ever spend a dime. And it’s not some free trial that requires a credit card and will bill you if you forget to cancel in time. Free is free. Forever.

Covering Our Costs

In truth, running a website is expensive. Generating custom flashcard drills on demand for every fact on every flashcard list of every individual user takes quite a bit of computing power. The more flashcards a user has, the harder it gets.

By placing flashcard limits on free accounts, we make sure there’s always capacity available when paid customers want to study.

No Ads

“Free” websites generally pay their way through advertising; indeed, sometimes it’s hard to find the actual content amid the forest of ads. But what is advertising? It’s text or graphics designed to distract your attention away from the main content of the page.

For Wasted Minutes™, our main content is the language flashcard you’re trying to study. An ad would distract you from the very thing you’re working so hard to learn. Instead, we’ve chosen an uncluttered design that keeps Chinese language study front-and-center.

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