We're excited to release the first version of Wasted Minutes™, a whole new way to think about language flashcards.

I've been trying to learn Mandarin Chinese since my first visit to China in 2001. I've signed up for various college classes, purchased self-study resources and participated in corporate language-learning programs. In each case, I learned a lot but forgot almost as much. I simply needed more practice.

Turn wasted minutes into focused vocabulary review

I also think about all the fragements of time I have during the day, those "wasted minutes", where I could be reviewing vocabulary. Waiting for public transportation... waiting for the microwave... waiting for a meeting to start... waiting for a loved one, friend, or colleague...

Flashcards are a great tool for vocabulary review, but traditional flashcards have their own pitfalls. By the time I locate my printed flashcards and remember where I stopped last time, my few moments for study are gone. As I flip through digital flashcards on my phone or computer, am I really reviewing or just staring mindlessly at the pixels as they go by?

Now with Wasted Minutes™, we can all turn those wasted minutes into genuine, focused vocabulary review.

  • Each fact is reviewed separately. If you can remember the definition but not the tones, the system automatically adjusts to review the tones more frequently.
  • A custom question is created for every fact, for every review. You can't just skim flashcards; you have to actively answer a question about each fact and then see the correct answer.
  • Your next flashcard for review is just a click or tap away.
  • Create your own list of words, use a premade list based on popular textbooks, or intermix the two.
  • New words are metered out a few at a time so you're never overwhelmed with too much information at once.

We're excited by all the benefits Wasted Minutes™ offers to language learners and invite you to sign up for an account today. Not convinced? Try a free account and upgrade later.

On behalf of all of us at Wasted Minutes™, welcome!


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