Wasted Minutes™ Chinese language flashcards help students maximize study time with a customized, interactive review just one click away.


One-Minute Demo

Waiting for the bus, waiting for a meal, waiting for a friend... our days so easily evaporate into wasted minutes. Now you can turn those wasted minutes into Chinese language learning.

  • Pre-Built Textbook Flashcards: We've assembled flashcard lists for many popular textbooks so you can start reviewing today.
  • Personal Lists: Create your own flashcard lists for those extra words and phrases you hear in class.
  • Always Available: Whether on your laptop or phone, our mobile-friendly website puts flashcard study just a click away.
  • Quiz Based: No more lazily glancing at a flashcard and hoping you know it. To advance through the levels, you'll have to answer multiple-choice questions for every fact on every card.
  • Individual Facts: Wasted Minutes™ drills each fact separately. Are tones harder than definitions? You'll get the extra practice you need.
  • Intelligent Timing: When do you need to review a fact next? Based on how quickly and accurately you answer each question, we'll keep track of that for you.
  • Free Accounts: Everyone learns differently, so put us to the test. Try a free account now and upgrade later.

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