The Wasted Minutes™ Advantage
  • No More Wasted Minutes

    Give your child an effective tool to turn scattered minutes into focused Chinese language review.

    The Wasted Minutes™ interactive quiz keeps the next question just a click away.

  • Daily Reports

    See how much your child is studying and identify any frequently-missed words.

    Set goals for words answered correctly, time spent or points earned.

  • Confident Test Preparation

    The Wasted Minutes™ review adapts to your child's needs.

    Study vocabulary from a single chapter or an entire semester with ever-changing, multiple-choice questions.

  • Effective Learning

    Our spaced-repetition system is designed specifically for Chinese language review.

    Personalized questions build confidence with characters, Pinyin and definitions.

  • Ad Free

    Never worry about what ads your child is seeing.

    There is no advertising to detract from your child's study.


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