The Wasted Minutes™ Advantage 

Advantages For Instructors

Wasted Minutes™ flashcards help you track student progress and easily add supplementary vocabulary. Even use study metrics from the instructor dashboard to gamify your classroom.

Pre-Built Lists
Your students can study immediately with vocabulary lists ready-made for popular textbooks. (Need vocabulary lists for a different curriculum or edition? Just let us know.)

Create custom flashcard lists with extra words and phrases for your classes; students can create custom lists of their own too

Students engage with vocabulary words through a customized multiple-choice review

Wasted Minutes™ drills characters, tones and meanings separately until mastery is achieved

Spaced Repetition
Our system automatically schedules flashcards so your students can focus just on vocabulary

Flashcard quizzes intelligently adapt to your students' learning speed and style

No Advertising
We won't distract your students with ads or sell their personal information

Free Accounts
Instructor accounts are always free; sign up for a free account to see the benefits for yourself.


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