How It Works 

Level 1

We start with a traditional Chinese language flashcard. You can see all the pieces of information related to this character in one place.

Some textbooks introduce material gradually, for example, the Pinyin and definition in chapter 1 with the actual character in chapter 5. Wasted Minutes™ updates the basic flashcard as new facts are learned.

Sample Level 1 Flashcard

Level 2

For this level each flashcard is divided into separate facts. Those facts are paired in every possible combination backwards and forwards. Each pair is reviewed separately.

Sample Level 2 Review

Level 3

Each of the pairs of flashcard facts from level 2 becomes a simple two-question multiple-choice quiz. Given a character, can you pick the correct Pinyin? From the definition can you select the right character? And so on...

Depending on how quickly and accurately each question is answered determines how fast you advance through the level and how soon the question will be asked again. The fact pairs are tracked separately, so if remembering tones is harder than definitions, you'll get the extra tones review you need.

Sample Level 3 Quiz

Level 4

For this level we simply add an extra choice to every multiple-choice question.

Each question and its choices are created on-the-spot just for you from the vocabulary you are studying. You won't see words and characters you've never heard of before.

Sample Level 4 Quiz

Level 5

This highest flashcard level includes four choices for every question. The delay between each review continues to grow until eventually the facts are considered "mastered" and no longer reviewed.

Sample Level 5 Quiz

Pace Yourself
Subscribing to a new list doesn't bury you under hundreds of new facts. You decide when you're ready to learn more or if you need to focus on the flashcards you already have.

Wasted Minutes™ flashcards are not tied to a specific curriculum. You can use pre-built flashcard lists for popular textbooks, create your own lists or combine the two.

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