The Wasted Minutes™ Advantage
  • Not Another Curriculum

    No software to install; no new methodology to learn.

    Wasted Minutes™ integrates with the curriculum you are already using.

  • Intelligent Language Review

    The Wasted Minutes™ spaced-repetition system is specifically designed for Chinese language review.

    Our personalized, multiple-choice quiz requires students to engage with characters, Pinyin and definitions.

  • Customizable

    Create extra vocabulary lists to support class activities and specific student interests.

    No matter where vocabulary is learned, Wasted Minutes™ adapts to each student's learning speed and goals.

  • Daily Reports

    See how much and which vocabulary students are studying.

    Identify any frequently-missed words for individuals or the whole class.

  • Gamify Your Classroom

    Use metrics like correct answers, time studied and points earned to gamify your classroom.

    Enable team leaderboads to motivate students without individual competition.

  • Discounts

    Educator accounts are always free. Students can select a free or paid account.

    Affiliate schools receive a commission when students purchase a paid subscription. Lock in greater savings by purchasing at a group rate.


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