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Turning Minutes Into Learning

Flashcards are a helpful tool for reviewing whatever subject you are learning, particularly when you are studying a foreign language.

Traditional flashcards contain many facts about a word: the Chinese character, the Pinyin, the English definition and maybe a part of speech or measure word thrown in. When attempting to review entire flashcards, it is difficult to make sure each of these separate facts is committed to memory.

A traditional language flashcard.


The “Wasted Minutes” Advantage

Instead, Wasted Minutes breaks each flashcard into its separate facts. These facts are then paired together into custom multiple-choice questions just for you. If shown the character, do you know the Pinyin? And the tones? If shown the definition, do you know the character? How about the Pinyin? From the Pinyin, can you pick out the correct definition? The character?

Wasted Minutes reviews each fact on each card with increasingly challenging questions personalized for you.


Questions grow in difficulty. Can you select the right answer from two choices? From three? From four?

Questions are timed. If you answer quickly and correctly, you probably know the flashcard fact and don't need to review it for a while. An incorrect answer means you need more practice and will be quizzed on the fact sooner.



  • Individual Flashcard Facts: Each fact on a flashcard is reviewed separately. Facts you know well are reviewed less often; newer or confusing facts are reviewed more frequently.
  • Active Review: Reviewing a flashcard fact takes more than just looking at the screen; you'll need to answer a multiple-choice question about each fact you review.
  • Custom Questions: Each flashcard review question is customized just for you and created fresh for each review.
  • Increased Difficulty: As your recall of each fact grows, the questions increase in difficulty: two choices, three choices, then four choices.
  • Pace Yourself: Subscribing to a new list doesn't bury you under hundreds of new facts. You decide when you're ready to learn more or if you need to focus on the flashcards you already have.
  • Learn What You Want: Not everyone wants to learn Chinese characters right from the start. Maybe you'd rather build up your listening and speaking skills with Pinyin first. You can decide whether to include characters in your list now or add them later.
  • Mix-and-Match: Wasted Minutes flashcards are not tied to a specific curriculum. You can use pre-built flashcard lists for popular textbooks, create your own lists or combine the two.
  • No Advertising: You won't be distracted by random ads cluttering up the site. We don't share our customer list with other companies and don't display third-party advertising.
  • Free Accounts: Everyone learns differently, so put us to the test. Try a free account now and upgrade later.